Property Assessments

The purpose of the initial assessment is to simply determine the plausibility of adding a disc golf course to the allowed space and to answer some basic queries regarding to viability, permitting, and potential. Covering these preliminary points helps to convey common goals and communicate shared expectations and to establish a mutual agenda before transitioning to the evaluation process.

Site Evaluations & Planning

With the initial assessment made and the potential to move the project forward, a thorough evaluation is necessary to collect comprehensive collection of landmarks.  This thorough site survey gives detail to the design and requires a more extensive evaluation of the grounds for Acme Disc Golf to optimize the property’s points of interest – for a course that suits the site and the owner.

Designs & Installations

Haven assessed the possibilities of the property and evaluated the areas potential Acme Disc Golf offers a plan in the form of a proposal to include project materials, cost quotes, and methods in which to execute process.

  • Permanent or Temporary

Project Credentials:

Ephemeral Courses:

If interested in finding out more about adding a disc golf course to your private property, or if you’re thinking about bringing one to your area, then please don’t hesitate to contact Acme Disc Golf Course Designer & Proprietor, Dennis Grzywacz. Referrals are welcomed and rewarded.